JMA Consultants consistently ranks among the top metropolitan New York architectural and engineering firms - widely recognized for its hands-on, competent, and cost-effetive operations. JMA's practice of providing thorough and professional service is recognized not only by its clients, but also by the NYC Building Department. This is evident by the fact that JMA's principals and staff are asked to consult on code requirements as well as the adaptation of new codes to ensure public safety.

Our Hands on Philosphy
Our business philosophy is based on protecting our clients' interests. JMA Principals and staff are not only accessbile, they are directly involved in every phase of your project. As many building owners, boards of directs and owner's representatives have discoverd, JMA is a people oriented business that treats every client and their constituents with the personalized attention they deserve.

Sometimes this means recognizing all available options and knowning how to fully explain the various possiblities to you, the client. In other cases, JMA can work to ensure that disruption to building residents is kept to an absolute minimum. JMA also prides itself in its flexibility in meeting cleint needs. We can schedule work in phases while additional financing may need to be secured.

JMA's hands-on approach insures each of its clients receives consistent and expert attention from the beginning of a project right through to the end.

Take Charge Approach
Our staff provides services for buildings located over the entire metropolitan area. Some buildings are one or two stories high, while others are 50 to 60 stories tall. Our experience spans across a wide variety of buildings and an array of New York area contractors. We understand the business, the contractors, the products, and we know the issues. JMA also understands and appreciates the fundamental trust that our clients place in us - we are a building owner's eyes and ears. JMA can analyze a building, make recommendations, solicit bids from the most qualified contractors and then follow through so a project is completed on budget, on time, and to the highest possible standards.

Our bidding practices insure high levels of checks and balances because the client collects the sealed bids and is involved throughout the bidding process.

Active Client Participation
Another important and beneficial quality you will find in JMA is our "open door" policy. JMA encourages active participation with clients because we have learned from experience that more client involvement is always better.

JMA is proud of tis reputation in the industry for immediacy and prompt attention to detail. Our offices are conveniently located on the Hudson River, just across the 79th Street Boat Basin, allowing accessibility to most buildings sites within minutes. More importantly, we have a 365 day, 24 hour service to handle any emergencies our clients may experience. As a result, JMA is known for being the industry's "consultant of choice" when it comes to inspections and project administration. We are available when people need our expertise - this holds for building owners, managing agents, occupants and contractors. This commitment to accessibility is the primary reason why JMA saves time while keeping your project on track and adhering to our high standards of quality. Our documentation and inspection procedures help our clients keep abreats of a project's progress, while JMA's policy of hands on scaffold inspections helps insure clients' interests are protected.

High Regard for Occupants' Needs
Nothing is more important to the success of a project than an architect or an engineer who truly understands that disruption should be kept to a minimum, and that service levels can remain high during a renovation We work hardto anticipate problems and to avoid them. However, we make certain that we act quickly and decisibely when we handle disruptive conditions or special requests.

Analyses and Consultations
While many buildigns may look the same or be the same age, they may often be dramatically different. Buildings may not have been constructed in the same fashion, or may not have the same restoration needs. JMA ackowledges that each building must be evaluated individually. We not only analyze a building's restoration needs, but also take into consideration the owener's and the Board's goals. Our references can testify to JMA's ability to design a restoration project to comply with Landmark Preservation Commission requirements while still meeting the long-term and financial goals of our clients.