We would like to introduce JMA Consultants, Inc. and JMA Consultants & Engineers P.C. herein known as “JMA”, its personnel, and the various consulting services we can offer to your Building. We would like to be considered for any of your up-coming projects and to be added to your approved list of Construction and Engineering Consultants.

JMA with its staff of experienced Professional Engineers, college-graduated Architects, college trained technicians, and field inspectors, whose combined professional and practical experience in design, observation of construction, and inspection totals over 275 years, stand ready to serve you.

Also, our organization is a full service engineering firm having “in-house” expertise in masonry, concrete, stone, roofs, structural, windows, and mechanical survey capabilities.

JMA’s Professional Engineering staff is licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey and is known throughout the industry, for over 40 years, as being one of the most cost effective and thorough consulting firms.

We pride ourselves in educating our clients prior to them being required to make decisions concerning their properties. During the projects and after, we are always there to provide the services that are required by our clients.

9th Cycle FISP Deadlines

‘A’ Cycle (Block Number Ends in 4, 5, 6, or 9)

Starts February 21, 2020 and ends on February 21, 2022

‘B’ Cycle (Block Number Ends in 0, 7, or 8)

Starts February 21, 2021 and ends on February 21, 2023

‘C’ Cycle (Block Number Ends in 1, 2, or 3)

Starts February 21, 2022 and ends on February 21, 2024

While the deadlines may seem far away, it is imperative to plan for and file as soon as possible due to additional 9th Cycle FISP rules adding significant inspection requirements, the incorporation of additional Buildings into the FISP universe, and Covid-19 related delays. Significant new 9th Cycle FISP fees will occur if the filing is not made prior to the filing deadline, regardless of the Building’s condition.